Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh, Jersey...

This week was stressful and we had some time off to burn.  So to the shore we went!

We spent a quickie overnight in Cape May this week in an effort to burn some PTO days I thought I could add to my maternity leave (no just luck - fail!).  Anyway, I did win REPEATEDLY at skeeball  on the beach so at least I have that (and yes, we are 12 years old).  Notice my row of tickets on the bottom of the photo.  Yeah; that's right.

Poor Matt just doesn't get a break when it comes to my renegade camera tactics.  Although he's getting panic-stricken over the baby timeline, I'm sure he's giddy he won't be the subject of every single darn photo from now on.  We spent a good hour or so snoozing on the beach after a relaxing afternoon swim.

Matt said all we do is eat on vacation.  My response: "And the problem with that is what?..."
We had a fantastic, romantic (SO NEEDED!) dinner the night prior - one of those several course shindigs that lasts for hours.  A definite worthy splurge after a couple days of bickering and baby crunch time approaching.
Here we are the morning after carbing it up at breakfast.

I included this photo because of Matt's expression - doi.  He said I was poking his ear with my sunglasses; boy needs to get a grip!  Look, I love Matt, but that god awful beard and those sunglasses make him look like he should be on Sons of Anarchy or American Chopper or something.  He promised me he was going to trim it today (still waiting...).
Here we are walking on the beach after breakfast.

A bit better I suppose.  

So when we checked out of the hotel in Cape May we drove north to Margate (next to Atlantic City) where Lucy the Elephant was waiting.  Lucy was built was a tacky tourist attraction in the late 1800's.  Obviously, this was right up our alley.  You can climb up Lucy but that cost $7, so we weren't buying into that charade!  (Sorry Lucy.)

We spent a few hours in Atlantic City walking the boardwalk, dodging in and out of casinos, and spending some time on the beach.  I've never been but it was as I expected: kitschy and sort of sad (please put me out of my misery if you catch me in old age, wearing a kitty cat sweatshirt, smoking Virginia Slims and playing penny slots for hours on end).  I know, I know: I didn't get the whole effect (we were there in the day after all), but the whole operation just didn't sit right with me.  At least Vegas has enough splash to offset the sad!  I was pleased, however,  I made 80 cents on one of the slots.  That's going to the baby fund, obviously.

With hundreds of slots in each casino, Matt zeroed in on this one: Kitty Glitter.  It spoke to him.

It was getting late and I was getting ornery, so Matt bought me a bag of roasted and candied nuts to shut me up (works every time!).  Then we saw this huge Monopoly game board, so everything was right again.


  1. Look at that baby bump! You look great! We still need to go to Babies'R'Us!

  2. Thanks Lauren!

    I think I'll be freaking out and heading to BRU probably when I'm 38 weeks at this point, haha. I'm "trying" to be all minimalist (HA!) and I got a 20% coupon at Target so I may buy some stuff there. OH, and I totally bought some warm weather outfits at Goodwill! Many of them still with the tags!!!! Seriously - Goodwill all the way. (I was a bit lost on sizing - like, I know newborn clothes are grown out of so quickly - but since they're so inexpensive I don't have to worry about it too much!)

  3. Skeeball, Lucy!, Kitty Glitter--clearly the perfect weekend trifecta.

    And stop nagging Matt about his beard. He was obviously waiting on Kitty Glitter to give him some great whisker-wielding tips.

  4. That kitty surely takes her whiskers seriously - look at that stance!

    And I will not stop nagging Matt! It is my job, damnit!

  5. he does kinda look like charlie hunnam in that one picture