Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

The Schuylkill (only spelled that correctly because it's on the barrier there) River snakes throughout our town in suburban Philadelphia.  While "Hurricane" Irene did little damage to our neighborhood, the river flooded throughout our pretty untouched hamlet.  We live about 1/4 of a mile from the river so took a stroll down to see "the devastation".  (We're all about the hyperbole in this family!)  This is where Penny takes her river walks, so you can bet she's NONE TOO PLEASED.  Oh well.

The river did not meet the bridge (as it did in many other parts of the Schuylkill, particularly in Philly) but it was churning and swiftly moving.  Regardless, "churning and swiftly moving" doesn't really make for a  crazy photo op.

To the right is the parking lot for the Valley Forge river trail, all under water.  Here's Penny looking at me like, "Dawg!  Where the trail at?!?!  You expect me to walk in the neighborhood like some lame HOUSE DOG?!?!"  Or, she's wondering if I have any treats in my pocket.

When the river overflows the area smells foul and fishy after it recedes.  Just a fact there, folks.

Penny surveying the damage and wondering where her treat is.

All joking aside, I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe and dry with power!  We had a near travesty today when Matt and I stocked up at the grocery store and came to a house with no power (yes, spoiled food is a travesty in my book).  Go figure as we didn't lose power throughout the entire storm.  Luckily it's back on so my Greek Yogurt is safe.  Sigh of relief, sigh of relief.

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