Friday, December 24, 2010

Letters on 22nd Street

I am officially in the holiday spirit. Last night Matt and I watched Love Actually (the Colin Firth vignette is my favorite) and then I saw this and it really made me smile:


  1. Love, adore, cannot get enough of Mr. Firth! His storyline is my favorite, too. I didn't watch Love Actually this year and it really was not the same--Bill Nighy really gets me in the spirit with his quirky self. Girl. The 22nd street letters had me all weepsie, but I love it.

    Hope you've had a fantastic holiday so far :) Stay warm!

  2. Love Actually is a holiday institution for me! Matt and his family like the old-school Rudolph but I just can't....

    Holidays were fine, but I'm hoping for a relaxing, stress-free 2011. One can hope, eh?! Hope you had fun in fabulous NC; your hometown tweets just sing...makes me wanna visit!!