Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Take Steps" Against Crohn's and Colitis - Go Team Gutsy!

Members of Team Gutsy in 2009 in Philadelphia.

I often equate my surgery scar to a battle wound. Who knows if this is really a defiant nod to how badass I am (fine, there is nothing badass about me – today I’m wearing a lace top for Christ’s sake) or a coping mechanism when I look in the mirror. My scar is thick and grayish purple and digs in a few inches above my belly button to a good five inches below. A plus about being overweight? My belly button fat roll envelopes half the thing. When standing, it looks very much like a butt. With my abdomen swollen from fat, the hard scar is taunt, and the muscle sewed and skin stapled tightly. Because of this, my flesh drapes onward and outward, creating a very rear-end-looking front-end. And yes, Matt and I get a kick out of this.

Later this month will be my surgical anniversary. I will always have the scar, but it’s startling how time can heal the other undesirables. Time has also nurtured a sort of surgical ego, much to Matt’s chagrin. “Matt, do you know, like, I have this flippin’ 9 inch vertical scar, I mean, I had this OPEN SURGERY and they were scraping away in there and chopping my intestine up and I got up and WALKED by Noon the next day?!” “Yes, K, I know,” he would reply, sighing. But that’s never enough for me, because I would haughtily snort back with, “I don’t think you’re understanding this here, Matt. People who have LAPROSCOPIC surgeries often don’t do that!” “I know, K, you were very impressive,” he’d say, not looking up from his computer. “Matt, look at me! Your wife is HARDCORE! I know BOYS who don’t that! I mean, the pain of surgery was NOTHING compared to the pain before surgery.” To this, he’ll often try to change the subject, most often to what’s for dinner or saying the dog has to go out. And I obviously have not gotten over my rampant surgical egotism because I’m mentioning it right now.

I’m celebrating by fundraising and walking in the Crohn’s and Colitis Association of America’s “Take Steps” Walk in the Lehigh Valley, PA on Saturday, May 8th. This is the second year Team Gutsy will be walking. If you are in the area, I urge you to join us, or if you have an extra five or ten bucks lying around, I would love if you considered donating to the cause.

Visit Team Gutsy's page HERE.


  1. You have a great sense of humour! Matt is totally awesome too- I love that he laughs with you about all this and doesn't make you feel self conscious.

    The CCFC walk-a-thon in my city falls on my birthday this year. This will be my first year doing it too.

    3 cheers for us! :)

  2. Ah, you forgot the lovely Dr. P's pronouncement: "I had you spliced open like a fish!" And wasn't there something about a bomb exploding in your gut? MONG

  3. That's a great photo of you two.

    David has an awesome scar on his upper thigh from his accident--I like it:)

  4. Mom,
    I did think of putting that line in there, but I thought I was already pushing the ego envelope!

    And's only taken me some 20-odd years and a wonderful husband to finally be at peace with my body...butt scars and all!

    Brighside, Enjoy your birthday! I hope it's twice as sweet this year w/ the walk!