Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sick brings out the new

UPDATE: I went back to yellow, but this time with a blue. What can I say; old habits die hard.

When I get sick it's a full-blown event at the house. I whine, I bitch, I lay on the bed saying I'm near death, and both Penny and Matt head for the hills. Or, in this case, anywhere but my sick-den: the bedroom. When my distress is Crohn's-related, I'm much less histrionic because that is actually semi-serious. But when it's a cold? Watch out.

I very rarely lose my appetite when I'm sick (I swear, I could be on death-bed and ask for some Doritos and a Caesar salad...speaking of.....), but I do get persnickety. Several years ago I was very sick but - out of the blue - demanded a sandwich from Quizznos. Poor Matt obliged and came home with a sub, which I immediately labeled as "gross" and rolled over in bed.

This has not much to do with anything, but I was saddled with an annoying cold this week so I decided to re-do the page a bit. Who wasn't sick of that yellow and purple?

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