Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kisses to Keith

I never really understood celebrity crushes. Brad Pitt? Eh. George Clooney? God no - he comes off as a narcissistic womanizer. Johnny Depp? I can't like a guy who wears more eye-liner than I do.

What can I say; I go for substance over looks, and that's why I've harbored a crush over Keith Olbermann for the past few years (anyway, I think he's pretty darn fetching). Now, he does lose some points for getting his start in sports and continuing to do that part-time, but the man is an angry liberal. Well, I'm an angry liberal. And he gets my blood boiling - in a good way. Isn't that cause for swooning?

And although I loathe all these pseudo-political commentary shows, it's nice to know Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are out there. Fighting the good fight.

Here's my pretend boyfriend calling out some politicians who get big donations from insurance companies. Oh, Keithy....

PS: Okay, Edward Norton isn't so bad, either.


  1. Can't agree with you about George and Johnny, but you have won me over with Keith Olbermann. I'd heard about him, but never saw him in action (except for the parody on SNL). Wow!

  2. For honesty and fairness in reports, Bill O'Reilly beats Keith every time

  3. To anonymous, who I'm supposing is my father:

    Saying Bill O'Reilly embodies honesty and fairness is like me saying I embody washboard abs and the mind of Stephen Hawking. Ain't happenin'.

  4. And, Cyndy, Keith is the shizzle. Fo' sure.

  5. I do like Keith, but sometimes he's a little winded and perhaps too biased for anyone on the fence. George Stephanopolis, David Gergen and that silver fox- Anderson Cooper- are my men of choice. They are unbiased, intelligent and worldy.
    P.S. Clooney is mighty fine too.


  6. Haha, yes, Anderson Cooper is mightly fine, albeit gay (aren't all the gorgeous ones gay?).

    I don't know much about Gergen but Stephanopolis is way too short, and I think the only way to have an intelligent political discussion is to judge the guys on their height, right?? :-)

    Clooney is good-looking, but have you seen the string of girls half his age he's been dating? If he takes up with someone who is older I'll give him the ol' thumbs up.

    Regarding Keith: yes, absolutely, 100% long-winded and biased. I can't deny it, but I still love him.