Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy birthday, Annie girl.

Today was Annie's first birthday and it was lovely.  Matt and I worked from home and attended a little "Thanksgiving Feast" at day care.  Her teacher asked, "So at what time was she born?" and I looked at my watch and screeched, "In five minutes!"  We spent the hour talking to her teacher and another mom and feeding the babies mashed sweet potatoes and green been casserole, and then Matt and I took her to physical therapy.  We came home and ate the last of her birthday cookies (buttery little pumpkins with her name adorned on them made by a very talented former co-worker) - all of us on the floor (dog included) scrambling for the last bite.

I'll write more - and include photos from her first birthday party - very soon, but for now I just want to say thank you to that little girl for making this the sweetest year of my life.  (Even without those fabulous birthday cookies.)

Annie, on her birthday, in her birthday suit.
She humored me and wore the hat for all my annoying photos.
Here she is with George (he's got a thing for her), enjoying their Thanksgiving meals.


  1. Happy Birthday, Annie!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed your special day with Mommy and Daddy! We can't wait to see you again and see all that you have learned in the last few months!

    Jesse, Lauren, Logan, Cadi, and your sweetie!

  2. Annie looks forward to another meeting! I think Micah is almost catching up to her size-wise, and you know that girl likes the tall boys! ;-)