Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Round-up

This weekend we trekked down to Baltimore to visit Matt's brother, Joe, and Kristen - his girlfriend who recently moved to the charm city due to Kristen's first year of residency.  I'm quite proud of my little Corolla - girl huffed it down there with four adults (my sister-in-law and boyfriend and Matt and me) and baby in tow.  It was a welcome respite from a too-hectic week.

Priscilla, Royce, Kristen and Joe at Faidley's (rumored to have the best crab cakes in the city).  As a crab cake aficionado, I can confirm it was damn tasty. 

Annie: "Nerds."
We walked around downtown and around the wharf.  Here we are in the Fells Point neighborhood.  Annie is lookin' cute in her pumpkin hate.  Matt?  Not so much.  (I say that with LOVE!)
Today we relaxed at home.  Have I mentioned how much Annie adores her swing?  Girl is CRAY CRAY for the swing.  Here she is ridin' high with her owl hat (knit by Aunt Silla).

This was Matt's favorite of the day's photos.  I think she looks a little motion sick from the swing, but I think Matt thought she looked ethereal or something (which is a hard feat wearing an owl hat and cruisin' in a plastic Fisher Price swing, I must say).  I think she pulled it off.
Annie adores Penny.  She's always so excited to see her after a long day at daycare (we get second billing).
Photographic evidence Matt is trying to teach Annie that sticking your tongue out means "dog".  
Penny darted away shortly after this photo was taken.  She was never one for the camera.
We finished the day with a bath.  This is the expression I get with 50% of my photos.  Girl is already too cool for her mother and exasperated with that camera.  

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