Monday, May 14, 2012

Bear with me

It's amazing how blogging just gets away from you.  I have these flashes, these moments, in the shower, or walking to the train station, but have no computer or pencil in hand and then I get home and it's baby until eight and my "me" time, which is numbing and mindless (but in a pretty good way).  I have so much to say but when I sit in front of the computer it's gone, so I turn on the TV and browse other blogs and then turn off the light for bed.  Blogging, sadly, has gone the way of cooking.  Or cleaning.  (Although I was never really one for cleaning.)

Work has been non-stop and I so when I am home, and she is in bed, I can do little more than just be.  Deep, deep bows to working parents of multiple kids, who have to get homework and lunches done, bathes taken and bedtime stories read.

So, with that, there is more coming, but bear with me as I pull my blogging bootstraps up.  And, as always, thank you for reading.

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