Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter in photos

On Good Friday I blocked off my work calendar from 3-5 and wrote, "Go home to Annie."  And on Monday of this past week I ran 10 blocks and up three flights of stairs, my heft bounding down the city cement to reach a 7:02 train so I could make it home before we put Annie down for the night.  When I got home she was asleep in her swing - our willful and charming baby in sweet repose.

This is why weekends are so very dear to me, particularly this past Easter weekend - Annie's first.  Let me tell you: that girl will never be lacking for love.

Here are a few photos from a terrific two days.  (And yes, there are way too many of that darn kid, but I just can't help it!)

Annie and Matt on her first hike.  Every Easter weekend begins with breakfast out at a small-town diner and then a hike.  This year was no exception.  She was a champ.  At this rate she's going to be quite the consummate outdoors woman.

If I stand behind Matt and hunch over, I look several inches shorter!  In reality, we are the same height.  Here's a family photo (with me being faux petite) and Annie striking a diva pose.

Annie, wearing her tutu (of course), and Poppy Hoppy, her paternal grandfather, on the back porch.  

Our Easter baskets.  Yes, there is yucca root in the middle one (not to mention some artichokes and a coconut).  Oh, and yes - Matt (and by proxy, I) still receive Easter baskets.  Don't hate!

My greying pup, Penny.  She is now nine, but as lovable as ever.  She still loves roaming the property and taking quickie dips in the pond.  This girl will never be an old dog curmudgeon.

Matt's parents' place (where we also got married).

The dress was a gift, the bow from Target, and the cardigan from when I was a baby.

Two of Matt's cousins, Rob and Ben, fishing in the pond.

Matt's uncle, Joel, and Miss Diva herself.  (Check out those legs!)

"Come hither, boys!"

Molly, a precious 14-month-old, meeting Annie, four-months-old.  Total baby telepathy going on here.

Getting ready for Easter lunch.

Matt and Royce (Matt's sister's boyfriend) juggling.  He hated me taking his photo but I'm going all renegade and posting it anyway.  

Annie and her Granny Nanny (Matt's mom) basking in the sun.


  1. Thanks for sharing those great pictures! So many good ones, but I'd have to say my favorite is "Come hither". What a girl!


  2. What a sensational gallery of love. So many new beginnings to enjoy with this kid :) That Granny Nanny photo just sweetens my soul (!), but Come Hither is amazing. She totally looks like she's sayin', "Holla!"

  3. Yes - that baby has 'tude. As in ATTITUDE. She and her friend George both already have reps at daycare. She's sassy like that.