Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leech Baby!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked about my butt boil.  I’m truly touched.  My gluteus maximus is truly touched.  You have been so kind to us both!

So my butt boil (coded “boil of the buttocks” on my office visit receipt – I can’t make this stuff up) is a measly nothing compared to its former self.  My GI does not think I have a fistula and it was a freak occurrence.  I pray and shimmy my behind to the butt gods!  She warned me repeatedly about flare-ups post-birth, however, which is very common, and ordered some blood work.  Today she called me with the results, and I can only say the following: I have a leech baby.

“Your albumin levels are exceedingly low,” she said.  “My what?” I said.  “Your albumin levels.  And protein.  Basically your general nutrition.  Since you refused to get on the scale at your office visit, can you tell me how much weight you gained during the pregnancy?”  My response: “I’m not sure; I stopped looking about 1.5 months ago.”  (Hells no I wasn’t going to burden myself with that information!)  Her response: sighing (although I really do believe she was sort of tickled at my idiocy).  “Well,” she continued, “with Crohn’s and your surgery you’re already not absorbing enough nutrients, but now the baby is sucking everything else.  I’m sure the baby is fine, but I wanted to ask how you’re feeling.  It’s rare to see numbers this low.  I’m going to fax them to your ob/gyn.  It’s nothing to be terribly concerned about; basically, the baby is like a parasite, getting all the nutrients it can.  I’m very glad you got pregnant at a time you were feeling well; this is why you have to start off on the best possible footing.” 

My response?  “I have a leech baby!” 

I wrote this to Matt saying to feed me a Cornish game hen tonight with a side of steak.  His response: “With the baby coming we cannot afford that but I’m sure Penny will let you have some of her special lamb dog food.”  No one takes me seriously!

Now, I’ve been pretty tired the last couple weeks (this week it’s hit pretty hard), but that’s normal, and sleep is starting to be disrupted, and I’m busy at work.  I told Matt that I am surely the world’s most amazing pregnant lady since I’m not only pregnant, but pregnant with a leech baby, and still am out and about.  (He has yet to email me back after that one.)

Speaking of leech babies, our child has had many nicknames throughout the pregnancy.  There was “monster baby” when we thought he or she was going to be a ten pounder.  There is “alien baby” because we believe all newborns look like extraterrestrials.  Of course, “Cletus the Fetus” was a popular one.  The other day, after getting a higher heartbeat for the baby, I asked my ob/gyn if there was a cause.  “Did you just eat breakfast?” she said.  I said I had a banana and she said, “Oh, you must have a monkey baby!”  She then got terribly flustered and apologized about five times for calling the kid a monkey baby, and all I could think was, “Look, lady, monkey baby is probably the best thing it’s been called this whole time.”

Today our baby is considered full-term.  And I just can’t wait to meet that little sucker.

(Get it?!?!)


  1. I really love your posts! I hope all goes well when the little leech arrives. :)

    I've also been wondering whether I'm gaining enough weight during my pregnancy. I'm still all around skinny with a big growing belly. It's kind of funny. I'm going to try and beef up my food in take.

    I was not aware of the increased chance of a flare after giving birth. I'll have to keep an eye on that! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Just found your blog and wanted to wish you well! You are a funny writer and it gave me a smile which I needed. My 9 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's and I am trying to figure things out. Any advice would be great or if you know of any blogs that focus on kids? Thanks so much and enjoy your pregnancy! You're only pregnant for the first time once. :)
    (for some reason I can never post comments unless it's anonymous)

  3. BrightSide,
    Oh, I've certainly gained enough! ;-) Then again, I am encouraged to gain less due to my starting weight, so I'm definitely in a different boat. And, yes, my GI has constantly warned me about the rapid hormone flux post-baby causing many women (who were feeling terrific during pregnancy) to experience a nasty flare. We shall see!

    Thank you for reading and your kind words! My best wishes to you and your daughter, and I'm so sorry to hear about her diagnosis; I know it's an overwhelming, emotional time. My blog has since morphed into one about food and very random things (babies, silly photos), but (as I'm sure you already saw) the Bright Side of Crohn's blog (on my blog ticker on the right) is more on-target with terrific coping strategies and tips throughout. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any blogs wholly dedicated to children with Crohn's, but I would recommend reaching out to your local CCFA chapter for resources and support. A large part of my success was also being my own health advocate and taking the time to find (sometimes through trial and error) a team of doctors I fully trust and know my case inside and out. I've found that in both a GI and a colo-rectal surgeon, and often often sought second (and even third) opinions before different treatment options. I'm sorry sorry I have little else to offer and again, all my best to you and your family.