Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beachy Keen

I got a new camera for my birthday.  I had asked for a fancy SLR since the baby was coming (what better time to uncharacteristically splurge?!), but Matt - knowing me a little too well and knowing there was no way in hell-el I was going to learn how to use that thing (and because he's cheap) - got me a new point-and-shoot.  Whaaa!  Fine!  I decided to use it on our mini-vacay to the beach the weekend before I started work, and then again during July 4th weekend.  Here is a pictorial of our trips.

Well; this was before we left.  I had to test the darn thing!
It has a pet mode.  I don't know what that means.  My favorite mode is "automatic".
Here is Penny-dog not in pet mode.  Poor thing.
(Maybe it's a good thing he didn't get the SLR afterall...)

It also has a panoramic mode that even I can do!  This is our front porch.

On the way to Chincoteague we stopped at Hardee's because Matt annually INSISTS on it.  Pennsylvania doesn't have Hardee's.  It's like McDonald's on steroids (I admit, the burgers are bigger and better).  Here is Matt in a near-comatose state after his meal.  Thank goodness I was there to finish his fries; we women have to do all the work!

Very GQ - Furball style.  Now imagine shaking the excess water off his hair - no, not like a supermodel.  More like a drenched dog.

He only looks this intense because we're on our way to the coffee shop in town for a morning jolt and pastries.
Nothing gets in our way when it comes to food.

See; I told you so.

Bridge to get onto the Island.  Signs for a mile welcome you touting "fudge!" and "clams!" as you drive in.

Matt looks like a grizzly, sunburned sailor, and I look like a washed-out potato, but we seem to make it work regardless.
Here we are on the pier in the back of the house, looking onto the bay.

Matt bought these swim trunks for $2 - it's like he has a cheap beckon always on, always blinking.  Ever since the trip he's chastised me for not letting him get 10 more pairs (what am I, his mother?!).  He's so much of a fan I caught him wearing them to play BASKETBALL the other day.  Oye vey.

Chowing down on beach BBQ; my sister, Kristen, and her boyfriend, Chris.

No beach adventure is complete without a round of mini-golf!  I'd also like to take this time to say I was the only one of the group who won a free round of golf at the last hole.  Talent like that can't be taught.

Chris and Kris.

Now we're on the Jersey Shore; this was our second beach jaunt of the season.  Here are the boys playing football on the beach.  From L to R: Scott (Matt's cousin), Dave (Matt's uncle), Matt's brother Joe, his father David, Matt, and his sister's friend, Steve.

I asked Matt if he made me proud with his athletic prowess afterwards.  His response: "Not really."

He is one with the beach hat.

I watched from the sidelines because I'm less foolish than the rest of them.

Here we are back in Chincoteague, VA, waiting in line for ice cream...what else?! This is my sister's boyfriend trying to master my trademark thumb's down. The boy's got potential, I give him that. 
Enjoy your summer!


  1. Super fun pics and commentary.

    Frame that picture of my Penny lookin' all majestic in her purple :)

    Man. It's not like I didn't think it was possible to adore Matt even more, but this Hardee's love--it's everything. Particularly when there's breakfast involved because nobody does me a ham biscuit like some Hardee's. It's the one thing that can keep me focused on the 10-hour drive to SC. I know, I could stop in VA or NC, but I like to save it as my finish line reward and girl is it ever worth it ...

  2. Oh, Matt waxes poetic about Hardee's each and every summer. We do that too; it's a game of sorts. We don't want to use up our Hardee's stop too early in the trip to VA, but one time we waited too long that we passed them all by! Needless to say, it was a heart-wrenching day.