Monday, June 27, 2011

Half Way There!

I love this graph because her 22 weeks was my, eh, 0.  

Today I was so hungry I had to go and buy a second lunch.  I ate the lunch I brought, and then in a meeting from 1 to 2:30 pm all I could thing about was dinner, then maybe picking up a small snack in the cafeteria, and then it came down to it I bought whole second lunch.  And guess what?  I’m still hungry. 

These days I’m downright beastly: I swear I may have even growled at Matt as he tried to eat my trail mix last night.  I realize my, “I have no pregnancy symptoms!” shtick may be up. 

Case in point: I’m utterly, completely exhausted half the time.  Of course, I working now and sitting at home with Ellen and Oprah, but I’m also sleeping much worse (which really is a feat for a girl who never slept well).  I wake throughout the night to either pee (which is puzzling as there’s no baby on my bladder as far as I can tell) or just stare at the clock in aggravation. Even on Saturday I woke up at 5 am, a day I was hoping I could “catch up”.  Poor Matt is lobbying for his own bedroom (complete with a “race car bed” to boot).

I’ve also been experiencing “round ligament pain” which is really no big deal (just the stretching and contracting of the ligament that supports your growing uterus) but it often catches me off-guard.  My lower abdomen is growing harder (well, underneath the fat) and I was told my boobs are bigger so last night I felt myself up in the shower and lo and behold they DID feel denser (and they certainly are pointing due south so something’s goin’ on in there).

So, really, things aren’t too shabby…or at least it’s nothing a long nap, a five-course dinner, and a Miracle Bra can’t solve.


  1. I'm so happy you made it to this milestone! Not that I thought you wouldn't, but I'm sure every week brings less stress/worrying. We really have to get together again soon!

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Time is speeding up now!! (Well; maybe working and not staying at home pouring over baby forums for 4 hours a day has something to do with that!)