Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You!

I want to thank all contributors and members of Team Gutsy. Last week was blustery and cold, but we managed to walk in the name of intestines to the tune of $830!

I want to thank my mom who encouraged me to join the walk, and who also volunteered her time to make the event a success. In truth, I almost felt silly walking because I've been feeling so darn good since my surgery a little over a year ago. But I guess that's the whole point, right?!

IBD doesn't have the societal clout of other conditions, and (okay, I'm stepping on my soapbox a little) I don't think people truly understand the havoc it could wreck, or really what it is (a bad tummy ache that makes you go diarrhea versus an autoimmune disease). Okay, I guess we can't ignore the diarrhea....there, I've said it!

Thank you again for supporting the CCFA. Many people I don't even know personally donated to a member of my family, and I to them I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Of every dollar raised, 83 cents goes directly to research. We walked for the Lehigh Valley, PA chapter of the CCFA, and our little group of intestinally-challenged compatriots raised $60,000!

Thank you.

And NOW, the photos:
(All photos courtesy of Daniel Burke Photography)

See that dork in the black? That's me. My sister and her boyfriend are to the right. Matt's family followed (if you see the lad with the big hair, you found him).

Someone tell that person the trail is to their left; they may be lost.

I want THAT guy on my team! I bet he can teach me a thing or two about happiness. (And rocking red sneakers.)

You know, my dog Penny was there, so I'm not sure why these mutts got a photo opp and she didn't. (I know, I know...I'm a such a rabid stage mom!)

This woman looks absolutely FIERCE AND FABULOUS despite the gail-force winds. I'm in awe!

How the heck did I miss the face-painting?!?!

Thank you again, Team Gutsy!


  1. Good Job! I hope my team raises even close to that much!

  2. Good job! Your pics are always so cool haha.

  3. Thanks, guys!!! (And PS: I totally stole those photos - there was a photographer there!) ;-)